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CBG hemp KIEF (also sometimes known as keef) is technically a form of cannabis, but it remains low in THC. It is made by removing the resin glands and the crystal coating from the trichomes, which form the bud on female hemp plants. Once the glands and coating are removed, these trichomes produce a fine powder, which is rich in CBG.

KIEF is considered one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD, due to the fact that there is almost no processing or solvents involved in the creation process.

This JOHN PUFF Kief is derived from quality cured, high CBG Flower from Southern Oregon.

Each jar JOHN PUFF Kief contains 5 grams of kief that has been filtered with a 150 micron filter. This full-spectrum product is processed in United States of America. 

Our John Puff CBD Kief :

  • A 5 gram jar with CBG kief powder - Made in USA
  • Rich in CBG contains 24%
  • Unique and versatile product
  • Easy to use in herbs, tinctures, joints, weed or a vaporizer
  • Rich in beneficial terpenes
  • Contains only 0.1%  THC

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