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Pre-rolls can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes, depending on use. Our pre-rolls are about 3 inches and rolled to perfect tightness.

The best way is to cut the twisted tip of the pre-roll with a small scissor. This will allow for much faster lighting and a more even initial burn. 

Our CBD pre-rolls contain anywhere from 12-25% CBD. They also contain many beneficial minor cannabinoids and terpenes like CBG, CBC, Delta 9 THC, and more. 

Because we grow organic, our CBD pre-rolls contain only naturally occurring terpenes produced by the flowering buds. Due to growing indoors, our joints usually have anywhere from 1-5mg of terpenes per
unit, which is well above average.

Our CBD pre-rolls are always lab tested to the same strict standards we use for all of our products. They do not contain any tobacco or artificial ingredients, additives, or fake terpenes. 

You should choose a CBD pre-roll strain based onthe effects you are looking to experience. Our pre-rolls are broken into three categories (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid) which give an overview of that strain's base effects. Indica = relaxing or night-time use, Sativa = uplifting or day-time use, and Hybrids offer balancing effects that can be used anytime.


Our pre-rolls ship discreetly in a hermetically sealed, premium glass tube or bag. This helps preserve moisture levels, cannabinoids, and terpenes, ensuring your product arrives farm-fresh and flavourful. 

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